Engine Repair And Diagnostics

Engine Repair-and DiagnosticsAt Interstate Automotive & Collision Center, we want you to be able to rely on your vehicle to get you where you need to go for as long as possible. A major part of your vehicle’s performance and overall integrity is the engine. If you are looking for engine service or engine repair in Eau Claire, WI, Interstate Automotive & Collision is the team you want in your corner.

Check Engine Light Eau Claire, WI

Modern-day vehicles come equipped with a sophisticated computer system. This computer has the task of regularly monitoring and checking all of the major systems in your vehicle to make sure that everything is working properly. When an issue is detected, the OBD alerts the driver by illuminating the check engine light.

While some drivers prefer to ignore the check engine light, we never recommend that you put off vehicle diagnostics. At Interstate Automotive & Collision Center, we also don’t recommend that you panic. Instead, make a plan to visit our team of ASE Certified technicians at your earliest convenience.

At Interstate Automotive & Collision Center, we will perform a check engine light scan to determine which system is having an issue. Then we will take it a step further and thoroughly inspect the affected system to find the true source of the problem. This process allows our team to get all the information necessary before they ever start a repair and it saves you time and money.

Engine Repair and Diagnostics Eau Claire, WI

An engine is the heart of a vehicle. And just like you would rely on an expert to repair your heart, you need an expert to repair your engine. Interstate Automotive & Collision Center is the engine repair expert Chippewa Valley has come to know and trust. And we pride ourselves on that.

Your engine is made up of many moving parts that work together to power your vehicle forward. It is important to recognize engine issues as early as possible so that you can have them addressed before they grow into major catastrophes. Some of the most common signs that your engine is in trouble include:

  • Engine stalls, sputtering, or hesitancy
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Decrease in performance or gas mileage
  • Hard starts or misfires
  • Overheating
  • Increase or change in exhaust smoke
  • Vibrating or shaking while in idle

In reality, any change in engine behavior should act as a clue that something is wrong. If you are experiencing engine trouble or if you need engine service, contact Interstate Automotive & Collision Center today to schedule an appointment.

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