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Brake Repair

The braking and suspension systems in your vehicle play a major role in the control, performance, and overall safety of your vehicle. Interstate Automotive & Collision Center wants to stress the importance of keeping these two systems up to speed and part of that is by offering unbeatable suspension repair and brake repair in Eau Claire, WI. In fact, when it comes to suspension and brake repair Chippewa Valley residents know they can put their faith in Interstate Automotive & Collision Center.

Brake Repair & Suspension Systems Eau Claire WI


Anytime that you put your foot on the brake pedal you expect that your vehicle will come to a complete and safe stop. But the reality is that your braking system requires not only maintenance but professional repairs to ensure that it is always as reliable as the day you drove your car off the lot.

At Interstate Automotive & Collision Center, we offer brake service and repair for the leading brake experts in Eau Claire and all of Chippewa Valley. Some of the signs that it is time to call us for a brake appointment include:

  • Your vehicle is pulling to the left or right when you are coming to a stop
  • You have noticed a burning smell when you are driving
  • Your brake pedal is soft or spongy
  • Your brake warning light is illuminated
  • There is a grinding, squealing, or squeaking sound coming from your brakes
  • Your brakes are less responsive than usual
  • You have noticed vibration or shaking when coming to a stop
  • Brake fluid is leaking from your vehicle

If you have noticed these or any other changes in your brakes and suspension system Eau Claire WI, contact us today to schedule a brake repair appointment.

Suspension Repair Eau Claire, WI

While the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of control and safety in your vehicle is the braking system, the suspension system is also a major player. Your suspension system is made up of many moving parts that all work together to put you in control when you are behind the wheel. If you are having issues controlling the steering and handling or your vehicle or if you have noticed that your ride is bumpier than it once was, you need to make a suspension repair appointment before the issue gets worse.

If you are looking for suspension repair or brake repair in Eau Claire or Chippewa Valley, contact Interstate Automotive & Collision today to schedule an appointment.

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